This page was last updated on 28 June 2021

Is Banco Chambers open?

Banco Chambers remains open, but access is by access pass only. If you need to attend Banco Chambers please call 8239 0200 to facilitate access.

Are your barristers still working?

Yes. Our barristers are working remotely or in Chambers if required and continue to appear in the courts either in person or virtually.

How do I get in touch with one of the barristers? How do I brief them?

Our barristers can be contacted in the usual way, and all briefing enquiries can be directed to our Clerk, Jeh Coutinho. Banco Chambers has corporate subscriptions with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. We are able to organise and facilitate conferences and court hearings on either platform, and our barristers are also adept at meeting with you over other platforms such as Cisco Webex, Skype, and Blue Jeans.

All of our barristers are able to accept briefs electronically. If you need assistance in setting up a conference or making arrangements to brief a barrister electronically, please do not hesitate to ask.

What is happening at the courts?

Courts have responded to the 25 June lockdown orders as follows:


The High Court of Australia is hearing matters by video link.


The Court has not yet made any announcement in response to the NSW Government's most recent lockdown announcement.

Federal Court COVID 19 page


No in person appearances will be permitted. All matters are to be conducted by video link. Current criminal trials are permitted to continue, but no new criminal jury trials will commence.

Supreme Court of NSW COVID 19 Page


The following arrangements apply in the District Court:

  • Current jury trials will continue; no new jury trials will commence (although Judge alone trials can commence/continue);
  • New civil hearings can commence in the John Maddison Tower; current civil matters are to continue;
  • Civil matters before the Judicial Registrar are to proceed in the online court, or if a matter is not eligible for that service, by telephone; matters before the Civil List Judge will be conducted by telephone; and
  • Practitioners are encouraged to use virtual court room technology.

District Court Announcement


The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal will conduct hearings online or by telephone.