Banco Chambers is a leading chambers of barristers in Sydney, Australia, specialising in commercial litigation.  The chambers is located on the 5th floor of the Reserve Bank Building (65 Martin Place, Sydney) and the 9th floor of Chifley Tower (2 Chifley Square, Sydney).  Our Head of Chambers is Robert Newlinds SC.

The floor has 30 members of varying levels of seniority.  Seven members of the floor are senior counsel, including Tom Blackburn SC, Peter Brereton SC,  Andrew Coleman SC, Robert Dick SC, Richard McHugh SC, Cameron Moore SC and Robert Newlinds SC.

Our senior junior and junior barristers include Clarissa Amato, Farid Assaf, Darrell Barnett, Timothy Breakspear, Nicholas Bender, Anthony D’Arcy, Sandy Dawson, Kristen Deards, Ruth Higgins, Anne Horvath, Elliot Hyde, Ben Kremer, Peter Kulevski, Jonathon Redwood, Katherine Richardson, Declan Roche, Fiona Roughley, Peter, Silver, David Sulan, James Watson, Christopher Withers, Tiffany Wong and Robert Yezerski.  Many of our junior barristers obtained extensive experience in litigation practices in Australia and overseas prior to joining the bar.

Our members provide specialist advice in diverse range of practice areas including equity and commercial law, corporations law and insolvency, trade practices, insurance and reinsurance, taxation and revenue, intellectual property, professional negligence and indemnity, building and construction, common law, defamation, regulatory and disciplinary proceedings, administrative law, admiralty, constitutional law and white collar crime.

Members of the floor have extensive practices in trial and appellate proceedings, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

A number of members of the floor are admitted and have significant experience practicing in overseas jurisdictions, including England and Wales, the United States and South Africa.

Our barristers aim to provide high quality, practical advice to our solicitors and clients and effective advocacy in whatever forums in which we appear.

Our Chief Clerk and Practice Manager, Elizabeth Notman has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the specialist practice areas in which all members of the floor operate.  Elizabeth is available to assist solicitors and clients in identifying and retaining barristers with the expertise necessary to meet the client’s requirements.  Elizabeth can be reached on 02 8239 0201 or at