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Farid Assaf tops class in prestigious cross-border insolvency and restructuring course

In March 2016, Farid Assaf successfully completed the INSOL Global Insolvency Practice Course and is now formally recognised as a Fellow of INSOL International. Farid graduated with honours and was ranked first in class in a cohort of 16 students from around the globe. INSOL International is the International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Professionals, a worldwide federation of national association of accountants and lawyers with over 10,000 professionals participating as members. The INSOL Global Insolvency Practice Course is the pre-eminent professional qualification focusing on international cross-boarder insolvencies. The format of the fellowship programme is intensive and admission to the course is limited to only 20 candidates each year.

Click here for the press release from INSOL International.