Climate Change

The effects of climate change pose increasing risks and legal challenges to business, including the risk of litigation from shareholders, consumers, and regulators. Moreover, climate change is seen as a financial risk that must be accounted for in corporate decision making and management processes.

Many of our barristers are across the latest developments on climate change litigation in Australia as well as relevant cases from other jurisdictions. They are able to advise on existing legal obligations (not just to companies, but directors and office holders), potential vulnerabilities, and emerging trends and developments.

Banco barristers have advised publicly listed companies on climate change and have presented seminars on the topic to the legal profession. Sebastian Hartford Davis is the Co-Chair of the NSW Bar Association Climate Change Panel. Jonathon Redwood SC is a current panel member and Ruth Higgins SC is a former Chair of the Panel. Robert Dick SC, Sebastian Hartford Davis and Jerome Entwisle are currently advising and appearing in greenwashing litigation and investigations.