In-house Counsel

Barristers at Banco Chambers accept briefs in appropriate matters directly from in-house solicitors from private and/or government sectors. In some cases, briefing a barrister directly can be a very cost effective way of resolving a legal issue.

An appropriate matter for a direct brief may be, for example, a discrete advice on a question of law. For more complex matters, they are most effectively resolved by retaining a solicitor first who can engage one of our barristers on your behalf.

To retain one of our barristers directly, please contact our Clerk, Jeh Coutinho, on +61 2 8239 0201 or by email. You will receive candid and realistic advice as to the suitability of direct briefing in any particular case. He will be able to make considered recommendations of suitable barristers, or where appropriate, a suitably experienced and knowledgeable solicitor to assist.